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Guild Ranks
Jun 7, 09 6:11 PM
Moving Foreward Together
Apr 15, 09 1:21 PM
A Real Forum!!
Mar 17, 09 10:57 PM
Digital Masquerade Has a New Address!
Mar 17, 09 1:44 PM
Nov 16, 08 7:13 AM
Game News
Welcome to Digital Masquerade!

A new and fun guild looking to expand its members. We're looking for people who enjoy WoW for the game that it is! If your interested in having a good time without all the bullshit and schedules, go to the forums and check out more about our guild!

- Diamhin
- Zamri
Other Guild News

Guild Ranks

Zamri, Jun 7, 09 6:11 PM.
I just wanted to put up and update saying that I have changed the guild ranks and given them a more clear definition. This will help give a better understanding to why people are the ranks that they are. Moving up in rank will also be more of a promotion and less a change in what title you have in the guild. If anyone is confused about the guild ranks, they can go to the members forum and read up on the specifics that I require from each rank.

Also, congrats to Okalin, for being promoted to our recruitment officer. He will be helping the guild grow into a more efficient body. Thank you so much for being willing to put in the time and the effort!

Lastly, I just want all members to know that I have gotten a full-time job and am now back into my own place so Agrimonia and myself will be on more often to help with instances and assisting our guildies! If there is anything that is needed, you can contact us through the GuildPortal mail system, or by in game mail. Thanks a lot for all of your patience and I hope to see you in Azeroth!

Moving Foreward Together

Zamri, Apr 15, 09 1:21 PM.
Digital Masquerade has been doing a lot of things that I want to point out and thank our members for.

Thanks to all the people who show up each week and get things done in Naxx. This really helps to advance the guild and our members! Thanks again for being consistent and having the drive to get things done!

Also I want to thank Agrimonia and Azlani for working really hard at finding us new members, friends, and alliances that are helping us do more things and see more content. You both are doing a great job!

Thanks again for everyone's hard work! Lets keep playing and having a great time!

A Real Forum!!

Zamri, Mar 17, 09 10:57 PM.
Thank you to Azlani for helping us get our website up and running. Please use this to talk with your guild members!

Digital Masquerade Has a New Address!

System, Mar 17, 09 1:44 PM.
Digital Masquerade has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!


Zamri, Nov 16, 08 7:13 AM.
CONGRATS!!!!!! Ventusira for getting REALM FIRST Grandmaster Engineer on Nov 15th, 2008. Great effort helping out and being supportive on the "What if" factor. I'm so glad we went for it and again! Congrats!!!
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